Lori Hough
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I have found construction of an armature, especially for large pieces, to be the most difficult part of sculpting for many folks. For most of the "projects with kids" I constructed the armature in my studio and brought it to the site on which kids applied the desired medium through to the finished product. Furnishing the armature provided a good sense of an armature's importance but allowed them to see success relatively quick without the frustration. This seemed to work well for projects where a specific end result was desired and the time line in which to work on the project was limited, such as Easter Island head, sitatunga, alligator and octopus. "The Aliens" was an exception. Here the kids of Orchard Hills Elementary School constructed most of the "The Aliens" armature as well as the papier mache work. Making creatures where there is no clear preconceived image seemed to free the kids from the pressure of "getting it right" (yet the results were "so right"--smile).
Spaceship Alien Reading Alien Flying Dragon Sitatunga Easter Island Head
Spaceship Alien
(Orchard Hills)

Reading Alien
(Orchard Hills)

Flying Dragon
(Woodview Elementary)

(John Ball Zoo)

Easter Island Head
(Raven Hill)

(Woodland Mall)