Lori Hough
(231) 924-8056

For inquiries about purchasing an available sculpture or questions about commissioning a new work, please fill out the contact form and include your phone number.

Commissioning Large or Public Sculptures
For large or public sculptures a signed contract is required listing details and expectations. An agreed upon down payment will be required prior to beginning the work. See FAQs.

Commissioning Small Sculptures
For small works, unless the subject is very unusual, a down payment and/or contract are not required. You will be notified upon completion. At that time you can decide how you want to take ownership. You will be responsible for any shipping and handling expenses as well as any applicable sales tax. Payment will be collected before transfer of ownership.

Please contact me for a complete list of available sculptures and upcoming shows and exhibitions. Sculptures are also available through Roger & Thomas, Ltd., Camden, SC. @ (803) 713-3491. They can be reached via email at twofatolmen@gmail.com.