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What kind of animals do you sculpt?
I sculpt almost everything - domestic, wild, extinct and even fictional. There are rare exceptions. I seldom sculpt cats (inexplicably, although I love them, their essence often resists the normal course through my hands).
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Do you sculpt anything other than animals?
Even though I am known for my realistic sculptures of animals, I also enjoy working in abstract, playful or surrealistic styles to create anything imaginable. I accept commissions in a variety of subjects and styles. Feel free to contact me to discuss your creative project.
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Do you sculpt pets?
I do not sculpt portraits. When I sculpt an animal, it is a celebration of the form and character of the specie, not the individual.
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What is the size range of your sculptures?
I have no limitations to sculpting life size or larger than life. Sculpting an animal at a fraction of its normal size is limited by the medium.
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Do you ever have sculpture available for immediate purchase?
Yes. In addition to commissioned work, I am always creating for shows and exhibitiions. Please contact me for a complete list of available sculptures and upcoming shows and exhibitions.
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How do I begin the process of commissioning a public sculpture?
First you need to decide on possible locations, budget, what you want the sculpture to say, and time line for completion. After I visit the site or a least view photos of the site and surrounding area including dimensions, rough sketches of ideas will then be submitted to you. A design is then chosen or developed further including an estimate of cost. A nominal artist fee may be charged for these sketches. A contract is then signed by both parties to clarify expectations by both parties. After an agreed upon down payment is made, the sculpting process begins.

In deciding on a timeline for installation please understand that procuring the materials and construction cannot begin on the sculpture until a contract is signed and a down payment is made. If a fabricator is to be used, other work may get scheduled ahead of your sculpture while they are waiting for a contract to be signed, delaying construction further. Enough time needs to be allocated for the sculpting process and any unexpected challenges that may develop. If you are considering commissioning a large or public sculpture please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions and guide you through the process.
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Papier Mache

Can papier mache sculpture be placed outside?
Fine art in many mediums (clay, wood, canvas, etc. - even soft stone) must be protected from the elements. It is the same for papier mache. For more information on Hough sculpture for outdoor installation, please see Bronze, Ferro-concrete, Welded Steel or Other mediums.
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What is the size range of your papier mache sculpture?
I have no limitations to sculpting life size or larger than life. Papier mache allows a great amount of detail, given the appropriate size. My experience maintains that no species should be reduced smaller than "tabletop" size. Please feel free to contact me for more information on species-specific size ranges.
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How long does it take to sculpt an animal in papier mache?
Size and complexity affect the amount of time it takes to complete a sculpture. In general, a mouse takes an estimated 2 weeks and a life size pony will take up to 4 months. Please contact me to find out how soon I can begin your commission and when it will be completed.
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Do you give papier mache lessons?
Not at this time. There are many good books as well as websites that give excellent information.
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What is a limited edition?
A limited edition denotes that there will be only a limited number of castings ever made of that piece. This will be indicated on the piece signature as a fraction. The first (top) number is the casting number. The second (bottom) number indicates the total number that can be cast. For example, with 3/50 the 3 indicates that this is the 3rd piece cast of this work out of a maximum of 50.
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What does "lead time" refer to when I order a bronze sculpture?
Lead time refers to the amount of time required to make a wax of the desired sculpture and have it cast in bronze by the foundry. I normally do not have more than on casting per sculpture on hand. Each time an addition is commissioned, another wax is sent to the foundry to be cast. The amount of time required depends on the size and complexity of the piece. For the small bronzes this may take from 8 to 12 weeks depending on the foundry's schedule.
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How do you care for bronze?
An annual application of a wax (such as Johnson's paste wax) will protect the patina from oxidation. This is especially important for exterior sculptures.
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How long does it take to make a concrete scultpure?
The time required to construct the steel and mesh or Styrofoam form can vary but I try to do the concrete work in one day. The sculpture will then have to be cured ideally for 28 days although the majority of its strength will be attained in the first 7 days.
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What is required to do a ferro-concrete sculpture as a group project?
Needed is a site with relatively level ground, electricity (if a cement mixer is to be used), water, and a way to protect the sculpture from marring and drying out during the curing process. This concrete work can be done on a temporary site or its permanent location. Site specifications and crew size required will depend on the size and design of the sculpture.
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